Let me introduce myself ! First of all I’m a gamer, I love video games since the beginning of video game… I’ve discovered 3D modeling with 3D Studio 3.0 in 1993 and yes it is a long time ago !!! Years have passed and about a year ago I’ve said bye bye to the 3DS serie. Now I’ve discovered a wonderful tool called Blender 3D ! Not easy to master but it has really a way ahead over other commercial products. Recently I’ve discovered all the Substance products and I directly fell in love with them !

About a year ago, I wanted to create my own video game and unity with its C# support was very attractive so I decided to make It the developing tool that would help me to bring my game alive !

I’ve already made a lot of PBR textured objects (mainly furniture) and I’ve decided to sell them on the unity store so I could make some money with them to help me to create my own video game !

Developing a video game is not an easy task and this is even more true when you’re alone to do everything ! The music, the 3D models, the textures, the storyboard, the coding, etc…

I already have a full-time job as System engineer for a pretty big company with more than 20000 clients so my free time is very scarse and if I can buy some asset or tool to speed up my development this is invaluable but it cost money !

I think that selling some of the asset I’ve already created is a good option to help me in current my project.